All things bright and beautiful

Shock and amazement – sunshine two days running!  Pretty much sun all day today!  Any time now someone’ll suggest it’s a Scottish summer (apart from the normal three-days-in-May kind of summer we come to hope for).

At any rate, it allowed for a bit of gardening yesterday, aided by my parents.  With all the rain of late, I had pretty much given it over to snails, but lo and behold, there were some potatoes to crop, and a new plant to put in the side border.  We may even be able to gather a whole three beetroot, and perhaps the odd carrot or two…

Back in May, I had a bit of a garden breakthrough.  I got into planting vegetables from seeds, and tried lots of different types.  Perhaps not the full Good Life – still had to be in the office during the week – but a bit more sense of progress in the garden.

Sadly, the slugs and snails appeared to have eaten more than their fair share.  My pea and bean seedlings were completely nobbled.  Lettuces did OK, but sweet peas (a favourite) also got eaten, and as a result, the borders remained good on leaf, but not much on flower.

Perhaps I have to take heart on what worked.  I learned that I can raise plants from seed.  I just need to work on helping them to survive…I also discovered that the attic is pretty good as a greenhouse, as long as I can keep watering things enough.

What else worked? We sat outside more than before.  I learned how to make elderflower cordial, which worked fine with elderflowers hanging over the back of the garden. These are steps forward.

It’s the creatures great and small that are needing taking in hand – both the cats which pursue any bare earth, and the smaller beasties that can clearly identify flourishing seedlings much faster than I can.

Hopefully, my rhubarb cuttings and I can fight back a bit next year.   And perhaps there will still be some brambles left, if the sun remains, and I can manage a walk down the cycle paths near to home.