Book fair a go go

So, the latest Peebles book fair again, and a happy Saturday morning was spent by me and Dan, plus my parents, browsing a huge stock of second hand books.

The proceeds go to a range of charities – even though last year’s fair was partially snowed off on the Sunday, they still raised £8000 over the one weekend.  Hope they’ll do even better this year.

As we’ve been for a good four years now, we develop different techniques to stalk our prey.  I move in for the kill on the children’s books section (not to the kids, naturally), and was able to claim a few new ones to fill gaps in the collection.

Others (the men) tend towards the hard backs first.  Is this a greater prize?  Don’t know, but Dan reckons he bagged the only two science fiction reads in the hall.

You can also search by categories such as biography, Scottish-related books, as well as fighting past the multiple copies of “The Full Monty” on video on the entrance hall.  There’s generally a good antiquarian section too, although no special finds this year.

When it comes to bagging the collection, I favour the fairly brazen technique.  “I’ve brought my own bag, I have X amount to spend, and I don’t want any change.  How many of these can I have for my money?”  They’ve not refused me yet.