Deja vu isn’t what it used to be

I grew up in the school of “if it’s a good joke, it’s worth repeating”.  I suspect that, separate from this, I am genetically predisposed to like puns, which are a form of repetition in a way, causing you to think about what you’re already familiar with. But the upshot is, I’m all too good at telling people something again…or yet again…because I think it’s worth a mention.

So here’s today’s moment: managed to leave work early, and include a quick visit to RealFoods.  I’m about to go in, and smell the familiar health food shop smell…and think, ah that reminds me of the health food shop I briefly worked in…and then remember that I’ve already written about it…

Now admittedly, I’m not visiting the shop all the time, having that scent-memory, boring you with the recollection etc, on a regular basis.  But I do forget what I’ve said to whom, or what I’ve written.  And the more I think it’s worth passing on, probably all the more likely I am to keep telling the story.

Catching myself at it again tonight, I felt a bit like the goldfish with the limited memory.  I don’t want to write a string of blog posts that add up to “Nice bowl! Nice bowl! Nice…”  And I also know that I get to see plenty of new things, because my brain takes in the fact that they’re new.

Every year I deal with applications from people who have hobbies I’ve never heard of before, health conditions I’ve never come across.  And they go off abroad and email with situations I’ve never had to come up with a solution to before.

That’s all before I spot things on buses, or open the paper to find out about the latest whatnot we’re all supposed to be interested in.

Blogs are partly about novelty, I guess.  You don’t expect to see the same story cut and pasted in, day after day.  Perhaps what I’m aspiring to is columnist status, where you can actively get away with repeating yourself, or mentioning particular people, because your readership has got to know them too, through you, and wants the latest installment.

Probably one of the main reasons I write a blog is because I love ideas, I love the variety in the world, I love seeing whether someone else has come across the same, and what they think about it.  And some of you even tell me, too…

Some of the nicest thoughts are like the first strawberry of the year.  (Yes, I have a conscious awareness of the first strawberry of the year, and a first mince pie too, bracketing the year.) You’d never claim that it was the first ever.  But the ‘first for a while…and good!’ is worth a shout about, don’t you think?