Not a good name for a car

Wasn’t sure whether to post this on Twitter or Facebook, but thought perhaps the blog was just the place and so that way it wouldn’t disappear below a whole load of other posts that quickly!

Renault’s marketing people have – as the title suggests – given a very poor name to their new eco car.

It’s called the Fluence.

Unfortunately if you put an e at the start of that, it sounds like e(f)fluence.

To be fair, an effluence is a flowing out, something being let loose.  In my mind it has connotations of a bit of a pong.

He used to say ‘what an obnoxious effluvium’.  Quite a vocabulary building lesson for a seven year old.

So, a car called Fluence might be okay if the electricity it uses will eventually come from rotting veg or human poop, but I don’t think their marketing department covered themselves in glory on this occasion.

What is impressive is that it will charge to 80% capacity from a 230v source in 20 minutes.  That’s quicker than my phone…