2 Oct: Today

Here’s the prompt for the extra writing group I mentioned. 5 minutes on ‘today’:

Today is the middle of the week. Wednesday is often a good mood day for me – made it this far in the week.

Today was grey all day, however. ALL day. With that looming, hovering greyness that promises rain but barely lets any through.

Today was a chance for a bit of me time after a day playing teacher plus nurse yesterday to our wee one off school.

Today was a game of mix and match on leftovers in the fridge. Despite them not seeming like they might go together, in the end they did. And the rest got finished up into teatime or packed lunch. Success.

Today was a day of looking at beautiful food photography for fun – the amazing bento boxes done by Jill Dubien in Canada. I don’t have a fussy eater, nor was I one, but I can see that some fun food would captivate anyone reluctant to try things.

Today was a day of seeing fridge stocks run down, and gearing up for the week’s food shop on Friday. I like that pattern of planning out the food, seeing it used up, and then ‘re-setting’ for more.

Today was a day of saying yes to writing – two lots! And planning how to keep the daily posts going on the main theme, over the October holiday week.

Today was a week day. Nothing remarkable. There are more weekdays than weekends. Sometimes that seems pretty unfair, but today, that was fine. Despite the greyness.

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