Ballet and the silent screen

The Edinburgh Festival comes round faster every year, and it’s hard to fit in seeing shows with work.

This year, however, we made an effort, as the Nederlands Dans Theater was back in town.  We managed to see them a few years ago, Dan’s first time to see a contemporary dance show.  That time, they put a sprinkler on stage during one of the pieces, so that by the end, the dancers were kicking water at each other and doing skids along the stage, all to very elegant strains of Bach.

This time, no sprinklers, but a combination of films showing on panels and dancers interacting with them.  One of the most striking points was when one dancer came up out of the orchestra pit with a huge black fabric train behind her.  As she moved further back on the stage, the train filled the stage.  If it wasn’t based on part of a real silent film, it deserved to be.

The theatre included a lot of well-dressed dance fans. We hoped that we didn’t let the side down by zooming across the road for a bag of chips in the first interval…but they were well worth it.    As was the dancing.

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