Blogito, ergo sum

“I write online, therefore I am…”

No, it’s not that bad, honest.  I’m just writing lots of posts now to account for the last year.

I’m not a diary keeper on the scale of Michael Palin, who somehow seemed to keep a diary every day, amid the dead parrots and tropical fish called Wanda.

Nor am I a notebook keeper on par with Robert Crampton, writer for the Times, who has bike ride stats for several years at least.
But yes, I used to keep a daily diary.  I do have a notebook a year, with info on visits, meals out and the like.

I promise not to put the back catalogue online. But a little light writing is fun, particularly when: 1) it’s not required for work  2) I don’t have a quota and 3) the evening’s TV is less appealing.

I’ll see how much I keep writing when we’re into the New Year, the evenings (finally) get lighter again, and there are rival claims on my attention (spring bulbs to look at, perhaps?).

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