Comfort viewing

Time for the Sunday afternoon film. It’s become a bit of a ritual, post-lunch and before the Sunday evening downhill dash to get ready for a new week. Much of the time, it’s the others watching, while I either catch up on stuff, or fit in a crafty nap if I can. Today, we settled for watching a film all together.

Comfort viewing can mean a number of things, from my perspective. Maybe it’s things I’ve seen before, and know how I’ll feel about. Maybe things I like in general, and can take another episode or three of, aka box sets. But the greatest treat is doing so from the comfiest place in the house – our bed.

Given the winter looming, the rise in fuel prices, snuggling up together with a big blanket to tuck your toes under is one way to avoid putting the heating on. And one more of those comforts is watching together, finding something we all enjoy. Three cheers, then, for Pixar, made to appeal to everyone while simultaneously flattering you with all the references you manage to spot. On this viewing.

Comfort viewing is giving up on the to do list for a while, and doing the thing you actually want to do. Evade housework. Ignore proposal writing. Leave the Playmobil untidied. Doing down time, doing together time. And as a bonus, you get to watch a masterpiece. Smiles all round.

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