Game on: confessions of a reluctant game-player

I had a plan, see. Six topics: six months.  Then I’d go round the topics again. Five down already. And the next one up was due to be travel.

Except that I’m not in the mood yet. To do a month of travel posts, you really need pictures to go with them. And I’m not there yet either (or the pictures that I need to go with the posts are in The Room Full Of Stuff).

So I thought I’d go for something different – lighter, perhaps, than last month’s eco audit. So here it is: games. Because all of a sudden, I’ve ended up with a category about it – so I might as well write some more.

I’ve written before that games and I don’t have the best of relationships. Some people manage to like games, some people manage to win at games, and some are Poor Losers.  I was in the last of these groups.

Games can be hard as a child. Yes, games of all sorts can be preparation for life – but no one said you have to like losing. Present a perfectionist child with an opportunity to lose, and they will find themselves in the place of sore loser pretty quickly, because it’s all too personal.

So why write about games now? Because the shoe is on the other foot. I am now in the position of trying to encourage perspective about winning and losing with my younger opponent. And I don’t now care so much if I win – I care about spending time together, and doing something fun.

I have a friend who is a keen game player.  (He pretty much always wins too, which can encourage a pro-games stance.) But he is also understanding about playing with those who don’t really get game playing, but will submit to it from time to time.

I’m not setting out to critique games, as he might. (There are any number of websites out there that do that, too.) But I am here to suggest that, should you be a reluctant game-player, here are some games that might not be too much like hard work.

They are going to be included because I have played them – and survived. Even, enjoyed the experience. They are therefore ones I’ll play again – might even suggest as an activity. (See how far the Sore Loser has come!)

I’m making sure that there’s a good number that are also free, or need little equipment, in case you fancy having a go, but don’t really want to part with cash to do so.

Eyes down. Game on.

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