Quite Interesting

We’re not intending to do an account of lots of TV, music, film etc that we like.


But we can’t go without mentioning Stephen Fry’s QI – quite interesting – quiz show on a Friday night.  For any lovers of trivia, it’s a must.  And for those who just feel tired and consider going to bed early on a Friday night, it’s worth staying awake a little longer for.

A lot of the delight comes from seeing the regular panel member, comedian Alan Davies, get a lower and lower score every week, while also practising his mock-Mexican accent from time to time.

Accents also get an airing with Mr Fry himself, who usually manages to include a range within each episode.

Even more impressive is the range of talents other panelists bring to the show, whether it’s Jonathan Ross’s seemingly limitless knowledge of comic books, or Roger McGough coming up with new poems during the show.

A.J.Jacobs – writer of that book about the Encyclopedia Britannica I mentioned in another post – would be proud.

For those who are still unconvinced, have a look for yourself.


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