Recessed lighting and Portuguese tiles

I can’t let this splurge of Dan-posts go by without saying how much I love our new bathroom.  That it was assembled with great care by Olly and Artur in August while we were in Poland shouldn’t make you think I wasn’t appreciative then.  The time that has passed hasn’t dulled my enthusiasm.  It is a joy to behold.

That Alison and I chose all the things to go in it and designed it to within centimetres shouldn’t detract from how chuffed we are with the result.  I’m used to planning and designing something in two dimensions, but it’s the first time that I’ve used that architectural training to take a plan into 3D.  I must say, it’s pretty good.

So, if you want a peaceful bath in a boutique setting, bring your Moulton Brown toiletries and we’ll supply the hardware (bathroom) and software (Egyptian cotton towels) and you can enjoy light green reflective tiles and recessed dimmer lighting.  Or if you want a similar look, we’ll let you have our list of suppliers.  Pictures to come soon.  Maybe.

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