The battle for G2

Back to work tomorrow…

It’s a consolation at least that there’ll be a chance to look at G2, the supplement to the Guardian.

Despite our loyalty to the Times on Saturdays, it’s fair to say that G2 has some of the best articles in the daily paper supplements.  Hence the battle for G2 – it’s the most popular section of the papers to read at breaktime or lunchtime.

So, in the spirit of celebrating writers for the Times, I should mention one or two for the Guardian as well.

Top of the list, although she has actually stopped writing a weekly column, is Maureen Lipman.  It doesn’t matter what she writes about, it’ll be funny – and there’ll often be good food mentioned as well as theatre, TV, or whatever she is up to at that point.

Part of her success is the way she writes about herself in a self-deprecating way – although someone managing to keep up all this activity must be doing something right.

The Guardian also has some other good options, including a very good longer-length film review (on Fridays), plus other more light-hearted sections.  Sometimes there are profiles where someone well-known puts in pictures of various things that are important to them – usually quite an interesting selection.

There is also a ‘head-to-toe’ of where a particular person gets their clothes from and why they make the choices they do.  This led to my discovery that Jon Snow, newsreader for Channel 4, always wears co-ordinated socks and ties.  You may think he’s made an effort for the suit and tie look onscreen, but the people in the studio get even more sartorial impact.

Sadly, that’s all the columnists’ names I can remember for now.  Better sharpen the elbows and get back to checking who’s who in the next issue.

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