All together now

Weekend. No plans. It’s the best. Let there be downtime. But part of the downtime is not just time to yourself – it’s also time together.

Now I tend to be a time on my own girl. That’s how I recharge. So quite a lot of the box of delights contents so far have been solo ones. But today’s one is about being together – on the times that it works. Where we connect, where we share a moment, if you will.

When everyone’s weeks have been different, it can be hard sometimes to work out how to be together again. You need time to be running at the same pace again. So part of the trick tends to be the things that have worked before, that we know how to do together, so we can focus on enjoying being together.

What do we choose? Top Trumps works well. A favourite on train journeys, we’ve been gradually adding to our stock. You know you’ve been playing for a while where you can guess what others have, purely from the scores they say. The current favourite is Indiana Jones Top Trumps.

Mythbusters is part of the Saturday morning experience. I’m not always part of it, but with a positive round of Top Trumps under the belt, we’re already in synch. I may be sitting in the background, typing away, but we’re all enjoying it. Discovery channel, if you need to know.

Mythbusters can of course be viewed at other times in the week, but it particularly lends itself to Saturday mornings. A little light explosion, a helping of scientific principles, and some comedic voice-over work. Add coffee, a comfy seat, and shared expressions of incredulity at particularly large explosions, and you’re away.

TV aside, the next step is lunch all together. Hard to achieve in the week, it’s a lovely part of the slowdown process. Thinking brunch is a good way to go, and/or comfort recipes. Pancakes. Quesadillas. Big bowls of soup. Variants on bacon and eggs. Not needing too much thought, but still great for taste – and great for the experience of shared meal.

What comes next? I don’t know. It may be together, it may be separately. But we’ve had a combined recharge. It’s a good place to begin.