31 days – but no pack drill

So. Bit of back story. Where does the 31 days of writing thing come from?

I regularly read a blog called Tales from a Gypsy Mama, written by Lisa-Jo Baker, based in the US. The 31 days notion appeared on her blog on Friday last week, and chimed in with a feeling I’d had about writing for myself again.

When I think about Lisa-Jo’s blog, perhaps read is the wrong word. Devour would have been more like it, when I first came across it. Probably because it was the first time in a while that I could see someone so caught up with the enjoyment of writing – and also because the posts are so good. Go and see for yourself.

Lisa-Jo had learned about the 31 days of writing from another site, the Nester, where she (I don’t actually know her name, let’s call her Ms Nest) has written a blog post every day over the 31 days of October. She’s done it for a few years, and last year, asked people following her own blog to join her. Nearly 800 people signed up.

Here’s the catch. I’m not ‘affiliated’ with it as such, though I’m contemplating that. I don’t really have a theme – nor do I have a ‘button’ for my site which states what I’m doing. Probably because I’m still hiding my writing intentions a little. Perhaps also, part of me doesn’t want to join a bandwagon, even one that is about encouraging writing.

So no roll call. No pack drill. No button. Just back to writing. And as I’ve been writing fairly regularly over September for something else, I have a bit of a writing hole to fill. I think this might just do it.

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