Aye – write

Hello again. It’s been a while.  Three years, in fact.

Autumn is often the time I seem to come back to blogging. The light fades, you’re inside more. I think the story telling gene kicks in at that time. No wonder there’s a storytelling festival in October – the season lends itself to if.

So, three years on, I’m writing as my day job. (And getting paid for it!) I’m learning to turn on the words, whether or not my inner editor is happy with them initially, and then sift them to see what stays, what goes.

More go, these days.  That’s the discipline of web writing – fewer words.  My former school teachers would find it hard to believe.  Even my maths teacher thought I would have done better if I could have expressed myself in fewer words.

The difference, now, is that I’m stopping apologising for writing. A lot. Because I’ve discovered other people blogging who also write about how they can’t stop writing. And I enjoy reading what they have to say, so it can’t be an entirely unhealthy compulsion.

I find that even though I’m doing paid writing for some of the daytime, I still want to write in the evenings. Facebook does for a bit.  But after writing about other people’s subjects, there’s still plenty to say.

Here goes.

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