Eric’s tour of duty

Not all the recipients of our Christmas news know about Eric, but it’s probably time for them to find out.

(Flat) Eric is nearly 7 now.  He is yellow, and has a fluffy body with long arms and legs.  His chief features are his smile (very wide) and his (rather small) quiff.  Eric is related to the Muppets one way or another, but the main reason for mentioning him here is for the times he’s come on holiday with us.

Eric made it to Madrid in May, although it was quite hot out, and he tended to stay put and have longer siestas.  The hotel, the Vincci Soho near the Prado, was also rather cool in terms of the interior design, which suited him too.

His main trip was to Italy with us in October.  Determined not to miss out at any point, Eric too tried out the sunloungers, visited the Colosseum, and ended his visit by seeing his cousin, Eric, a permanent member of the toy family belonging to R and D’s children. (Their eldest was very fond of Eric when she was small, and when they moved to Italy, we found an Eric for her to keep.)

Eric’s chief party trick is to play charades.  He’s particularly good at helping shy people who don’t really like playing charades.  They can just sit there and Eric does all the actions for them.

However, he has also been working on miming to songs.  In a recent poll of the favourite James Bond title song, we were pleased for Eric that his key piece, Goldfinger (for obvious reasons), was number one favourite.

Perhaps it’s best to let Eric speak for himself… Here are some of the photos from his Madrid trip this year.

Eric at Hotel Vincci Soho, Madrid

Eric at Madrid Airport

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